blue kitchen tile great remodeling choice

Get the Scoop on Remodeling Trends that are Hot Right Now!

A piece from Coastal Home magazine about five hot coastal design trends popped up in our feed recently, and we thought we’d take a look at them here on the blog. In the article, Marnie Ousler (star of DIY network’s Big Beach Builds) talks about the things her clients are asking for right now. Let’s dive in and see what’s trending now—along the way we’ll give these ideas our own spin and talk about ways you can incorporate these trends in your Florida home!

All-White Kitchens with Wood Islands

White kitchens have been popular for decades, and the trend isn’t going away any time soon. There’s just something about a clean white kitchen that clicks for many people. Twenty years ago wood countertops were popular, and while the style has never really gone away, it’s having a resurgence again. A wood countertop—especially when it’s on a focal point like an island—can really warm up a white space and provide an organic element that grounds the space. 

White Kitchen with Wood Counters is on trend in 2019
This kitchen blends classic white cabinets with warm wood counters, a rustic brick accent wall, and a modern range hood.

Color Pops

Another way to warm up a white kitchen is to use pops of color in one major element. Color pops are on Ousler’s list, and she recommends using a tile backsplash or shower as a way to bring in vibrancy and break up neutrals. We love the bright tile idea, but we also think kitchen cabinets can be a surprising and super chic way to bring in that color. Check out our Pinterest board full of fabulous colored cabinets mixed in with white! 

Bunk Rooms (That Aren’t Just for Kids!)

We’ve seen some pretty terrific bunk rooms lately. Especially nice in vacation homes that tend to see lots of overnight visitors, bunk rooms have grown up. Look for custom carpentry, high end finished, and modern style.  

Open Plans

Warm wood library nook in open floor plan renovation.
This library nook with natural wood lends a sense of coziness in an open home.

Ousler calls this a current trend, but we’d argue that open concept floor plans have surpassed the trend status and become the standard for most new build and home remodeling work. Although there will always be people who prefer a more traditional plan, many modern families prefer to have the heart of the home (aka – the kitchen) as the centerpiece of their living space. But even for those that love the open concept, it’s important to incorporate spaces where people can feel private. At Coastal Home Pros, we love building in nooks that can double as mini libraries, extra seating, or dining alcoves. It’s an easy way to add character, charm, and functionality within an open floor plan. 

Natural Wood Accents

Like the wood countertops in the kitchen that Ousler recommends, natural wood accent walls and ceilings can warm up a home that is primarily decorated with whites and neutral colors. The wood provides a touch of something rustic and organic. Whitewashed brick can also provide a similar stylish accent. 

Let Coastal Home Pros Help with your Renovation Project

We’ve got the local experience and expertise to help you bring these ideas and more to life in your home. Maybe you just want a budget refresh with new counters, fixtures, and/or paint. Or maybe you’re ready to take on a massive remodeling project. Either way, we’re here for you with skilled craftsman and great customer service. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 850-745-3085 or reach out through the contact page!

Dog-friendly beach homes

4 Ways Coastal Home Pros Can Help You Prepare Your Home For Canine Chaos (Or Repair Pet Damage That Already Exists)

Three cheers (or should we say barks?) for Pensacola Beach, which just made Coastal Living’s updated list of Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Florida! Here at Coastal Home Pros, we know our beaches are some of the best in the state. And since we’re all dog lovers, we know our pets enjoy the beach just as much as we do. But as much as love our four-legged buddies, we also know that they can wreak some serious havoc on a home. Since we’re the home maintenance experts, we thought we should share some tips on making your home tough enough for man’s best friend. If you’ve already had some accidents and minor damage, we’re here for you with our Handyman Services. Need durable and stain-resistant floors? We’ve got you covered. Even if your pooch has done serious damage, our remodeling team can have your home looking new again in a jiffy. Read on!

Dog at Pensacola Beach
Most dogs love the beach, but the sand and moisture they bring home can do a number on your home’s floors and surfaces.

1) First Thing’s First – Let’s Talk Fencing

Fencing is a good idea for homes with dogs.
Good fences make safe dogs.

The number one thing you can do to insure your dog’s safety is to install a quality fence. Keeping your pet safely contained on your property will buy you years of peace of mind. With a fence, you won’t have to worry about cars, predators, or incidents with other dogs. If your dog has anxiety or any signs of aggression, the fence will help them feel more secure within their own domain. Coastal Home Pros has a ton of experience installing fences in Pensacola area and beyond. From chain link to picket to privacy fencing, we’ve done it all. Check out our recent project gallery for some pictures of past projects – this pet fence in Navarre turned out great, as did this privacy fence in Gulf Breeze!

2) Dog-proof the Interior – Our Handyman Services Can Help

The American Humane Society has a great list of ways to make the interior of your home safe for your pets. Number one on the list? Install child-proof latches on cabinets to prevent curious and crafty pups from getting into trouble. You should also look for exposed electrical outlets or other electrical issues that can be a hazard to your dog. You can purchase child safety latches at any hardware store. Although they’re relatively simple to install, it can be time consuming to cover all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. And it’s important to make sure they are installed properly. If you don’t have time to do this task yourself, check out our Handyman Services. We can professionally install the latches for a very reasonable price, and we can also inspect your outlets for missing plates or other issues.

3) Think About Flooring Options

Here in coastal Florida, wood floors take a beating from high moisture levels and tracked-in sand. Add pets into the mix, and your floors can go from beautiful to battered really quickly. If you’re think about adding a dog to your family, or your dog has already ruined your floors, consider ceramic or porcelain tile. Our flooring contractors can help you choose durable, low-maintenance tile flooring that will stand up to anything your pet can dish out.

When it comes to pet messes, tile is man’s best friend!

4) For Major Damage, Call in the Remodeling Pros

They may look cute and innocent as puppies, but dogs can do some serious damage to your home. Even a well-supervised dog can annihilate drywall, wood trim, and doors when they are bored or anxious. We once knew a dog who ate an entire deck off of a house while his owner was at work. (100% true – we saw it ourselves.) If your pup has gotten the best of you and your home, don’t despair. Coastal Home Pros is only a click or a phone call away, and our remodeling team can handle any work you need. From drywall repairs to carpentry work to a brand new deck and more, we can make your home look like new again. And we’ll even bring treats for the dog!