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Get the Gunk Off with Coastal Home Pros‘ Pressure Wash Special!

For most Americans, owning a home represents a financial milestone in life. It’s one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have, so protecting it should be a top priority. Most homeowners are committed to the common upkeep routines, such as mowing, painting, and landscaping, but surprisingly, many underrate the value of pressure washing their home. 

Having the exterior of your home pressure washed on a regular basis will actually help preserve and protect it. Constant exposure to sun, salt, wind, and weather results in buildup of dirt, debris and the growth of mold and mildew. When these elements are not washed away, roofing and siding materials begin to breakdown and expose the structure of your home to potential water damage or fungal growth. In addition, the accumulation of rust and sulfur dispersed in storms can stain the exterior surfaces of your home. This is especially true here in the Panhandle area of coastal Florida, where rain, hot temperatures and high levels of humidity are our constant companions.

Coastal Home Pros can help you keep your home sparkling with a Pressure Washing Package! And now we’ve got special mid-summer pricing…buy two, get the third free!

Pressure Washing Special Deal from Coastal Home Pros
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5 Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your Home, Starting Today:

1) Pressure Washing Saves You Money 

Having your home’s exterior pressure washed regularly will prevent mold growth and remove other buildup that can result in more costly repairs later on.  

2) Pressure Washing Increases Your Property Value

Over time, exposure to the outdoor elements will cause finishes to become discolored and worn. If you’re considering selling your home, a pressure washing treatment can give it a renewed look, increase the value, and make it more attractive for potential buyers. According to Consumer Reports, pressure washing the exterior and making minor touch-ups will increase the value of a home up to 5%.

3) Pressure Washing Protects Your Family’s Health 

When organic matter such as algae, mold, mildew, dust, and pollen remain on your home’s siding and roof, it increases the risk of allergies for your family and your pets. The cleaning solutions used in the pressure washing process will cleanse away dust mites, mold spores and bacteria that can trigger health issues.

4) Pressure Washing Primes Surfaces for Refinishing Projects

If you’re preparing to resurface or update the exterior finishes of your home, having it pressure washed beforehand will remove grime and residue, giving you a clean fresh surface to work with. The same holds true for other areas, including decks, patios, workshops, fences, and pool areas. Pressure washing is a great way to ensure the newly applied finish properly adheres.

5) Pressure Washing Saves Time 

DIY projects are rewarding in a variety of ways, but when it comes to cleaning your home, strenuous manual scrubbing and climbing ladders are not the ideal solutions. Not only is this method time consuming, but it poses safety hazards as well. Pressure washing is much more time efficient, and when done correctly, it will leave you with impressive results. 

Let the Pros Pressure Wash Your Home 

When done right, the pressure washing process is somewhat involved because it is important to know the correct amount of pressure to apply, as well as using the proper cleaning solutions based on the specific materials. If done incorrectly, you could damage the finishes on your home. Rather than putting yourself or your property at risk, leave it to the experts.

The experts at Coastal Home Pros have been serving residents of the Panhandle and Emerald Coast areas for more than 25 years. Rely on us to take care of your pressure washing needs. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all the details of pressure washing. We thrive on providing excellent customer care and will work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact us today to take advantage of our summer Pressure Wash special…BUY TWO, GET THE THIRD FREE!