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Does your home need help? Let Coastal Home Pros help you out with your household SOS

You already know that Coastal Home Pros can handle all types of renovation projects – from floors to roofs and everything in between. If you’ve got a big project, our expert contractors can tackle your job with professionalism and local experience. But did you know that we’re also great at small handyman services? If you’ve got a home emergency or a honey-do list that just not getting done, Coastal Home Pros is here to help!

Coastal Home Pros can install and repair toilets and other plumbing fixtures.
Coastal Home Pros can install an repair toilets and other plumbing fixtures

Our Handyman Services contractors cover anything you can think of, including:

  • Light fixtures – interior and exterior
  • Ceiling fan – any height ceiling
  • Toilets
  • Sinks, faucets, and garbage disposals
Coastal Home Pros installs ceiling fans and other fixtures.
That ceiling fan won’t hang itself – let Coastal Home Pros get the job done!

Let the Experts Help You With the Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Let Coastal Home Pros handle the homeowner hassles so you can spend your free time enjoying this beautiful slice of Florida we call home. Check out our Handyman Services page for more info and an estimated price list. When you’re ready to send out the SOS call, we’re here for you!