Chain Link Fencing

Though Chain Link Fencing Sometimes Gets a Bad Reputation, It Can Be a Great Option For Many Homeowners

Chain link fencing is one of the most commonly seen fencing products in the United States today. From sports fields to industrial parks to residential homes, chain link is an affordable fencing option that gets the job done. Modern chain link manufacturers have made advancements in product quality and durability. Today, chain link is an even more attractive fencing option for some homeowners. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of chain link:


  • Price – Chain link is the most budget-friendly fencing option. The materials are affordable, and installation is relatively easy.  
  • Maintenance – Chain link fencing needs very little maintenance. The galvanized metal does not readily rust, and does not require coating or painting.
  • Safety – Chain link fencing is a relatively easy solution to problems of containing children and pets. It offers high visibility through the fencing material so that caregivers can see what is happening on the other side of the fence.
  • Appearance Options – Standard galvanized chain link fence can be “dressed up” with vinyl cladding. (Common options are green or black.) Other options include “California-style” chain link. In this style, chain link panels are connected to wooden posts, offering a hybrid look that many find appealing. 


  • Appearance – Generic chain link (without vinyl coating or California-style construction) is often viewed as a less attractive fencing option. Because it is used so heavily in industrial settings, some residential neighborhoods may prohibit its use.
  • Residential security – Standard four-foot chain link, which is used in most residential applications, can easily be climbed over.
  • Lack of Privacy – Chain link fence offers clear sight lines through the fencing. If privacy is your goal, chain link is not your best choice.
Chain Link fencing is easy to climb
As any kid who’s hit a ball over a fence knows, climbing chain link is pretty easy!

Despite these concerns, chain link fencing can be the best option for many homeowners. And while it is possible to install chain link on a DIY basis, you’ll get a much longer life from your fence if you have it properly installed by licensed contractors. Coastal Home Pros is very experienced in the local fencing market, and has installed many chain link fences in Florida’s Panhandle and Emerald Coast communities. Give us a call to discuss your fencing options and get a free quote!