Handyman Services

Handyman Services


Are you experiencing a home care SOS? Does your home need a medic, stat?

Coastal Home Pros’ Handyman Services are here to save the day!

Is your “honey-do” list getting a bit too long for you honey to manage? Are you thinking about tackling that small project, but scared about it turning into a huge bill if something goes wrong? Is that ceiling fan still sitting in the box in the garage; just waiting to be installed? No need to fret, good home owner! We’ve got you covered with Coastal Home Pros’ Handyman Services — conveniently servicing all of our neighboring communities throughout the Florida Panhandle and Emerald Coast.

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Don’t let home maintenance get you down

When a leaky faucet turns into potentially serious water damage, it’s not the time to test the skills that your grandfather tried to teach you when you were 10. No one likes to admit defeat, but when it comes to the value and safety of your home, the best option is often to find a quality and affordable handyman to tackle the job for you. That’s where Coastal Home Pros comes in.

Ceiling Leak

Coastal Home Pros’ Handyman Services:

  • Fan and lighting install
  • Sink and vanity install
  • Toilet and faucet repair or install
  • Light switch and outlet repair or replacement
  • Drywall patch and repair
  • Grout repair
  • Install childproofing
  • Repair and resurface cabinets
  • Clean and install gutters
  • Repair or install garbage disposal
  • Cleaning dryer ducts
  • Door replacement and painting
  • Hanging pictures, wall art, tvs, window treatments and blinds

Average pricing for handmany services in our area:

  • Hall light installation
  • $65
  • Install toilet bowl
  • $150
  • Toilet valve replacement
  • $75
  • Install kitchen sink
  • $250 – $300
  • Bathroom faucet installation
  • $90
  • Install garbage disposal
  • $150
  • Hanging ceiling fan (normal height)
  • $100
  • Hang ceiling fan (2nd story height)
  • $250