Pressure Wash Special Panhandle

Get the Gunk Off with Coastal Home Pros‘ Pressure Wash Special!

For most Americans, owning a home represents a financial milestone in life. It’s one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have, so protecting it should be a top priority. Most homeowners are committed to the common upkeep routines, such as mowing, painting, and landscaping, but surprisingly, many underrate the value of pressure washing their home. 

Having the exterior of your home pressure washed on a regular basis will actually help preserve and protect it. Constant exposure to sun, salt, wind, and weather results in buildup of dirt, debris and the growth of mold and mildew. When these elements are not washed away, roofing and siding materials begin to breakdown and expose the structure of your home to potential water damage or fungal growth. In addition, the accumulation of rust and sulfur dispersed in storms can stain the exterior surfaces of your home. This is especially true here in the Panhandle area of coastal Florida, where rain, hot temperatures and high levels of humidity are our constant companions.

Coastal Home Pros can help you keep your home sparkling with a Pressure Washing Package! And now we’ve got special mid-summer pricing…buy two, get the third free!

Pressure Washing Special Deal from Coastal Home Pros
Take advantage of this great summer deal!

5 Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your Home, Starting Today:

1) Pressure Washing Saves You Money 

Having your home’s exterior pressure washed regularly will prevent mold growth and remove other buildup that can result in more costly repairs later on.  

2) Pressure Washing Increases Your Property Value

Over time, exposure to the outdoor elements will cause finishes to become discolored and worn. If you’re considering selling your home, a pressure washing treatment can give it a renewed look, increase the value, and make it more attractive for potential buyers. According to Consumer Reports, pressure washing the exterior and making minor touch-ups will increase the value of a home up to 5%.

3) Pressure Washing Protects Your Family’s Health 

When organic matter such as algae, mold, mildew, dust, and pollen remain on your home’s siding and roof, it increases the risk of allergies for your family and your pets. The cleaning solutions used in the pressure washing process will cleanse away dust mites, mold spores and bacteria that can trigger health issues.

4) Pressure Washing Primes Surfaces for Refinishing Projects

If you’re preparing to resurface or update the exterior finishes of your home, having it pressure washed beforehand will remove grime and residue, giving you a clean fresh surface to work with. The same holds true for other areas, including decks, patios, workshops, fences, and pool areas. Pressure washing is a great way to ensure the newly applied finish properly adheres.

5) Pressure Washing Saves Time 

DIY projects are rewarding in a variety of ways, but when it comes to cleaning your home, strenuous manual scrubbing and climbing ladders are not the ideal solutions. Not only is this method time consuming, but it poses safety hazards as well. Pressure washing is much more time efficient, and when done correctly, it will leave you with impressive results. 

Let the Pros Pressure Wash Your Home 

When done right, the pressure washing process is somewhat involved because it is important to know the correct amount of pressure to apply, as well as using the proper cleaning solutions based on the specific materials. If done incorrectly, you could damage the finishes on your home. Rather than putting yourself or your property at risk, leave it to the experts.

The experts at Coastal Home Pros have been serving residents of the Panhandle and Emerald Coast areas for more than 25 years. Rely on us to take care of your pressure washing needs. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all the details of pressure washing. We thrive on providing excellent customer care and will work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact us today to take advantage of our summer Pressure Wash special…BUY TWO, GET THE THIRD FREE!

Coastal Paint Colors

The Coastal Hues Used On Our Last Big Paint Job Score Major Style Points

When your company employs craftsmen from a variety of disciplines and you cover everything from small handyman jobs to major home renovations, you get a lot of different opinions when you ask about favorite jobs. Here at Coastal Home Pros, Amber loves seeing the glamorous reveal when a major interior renovation is done. Chris enjoys working on exterior projects like new decks and fences. Dave specializes in tile work, and he loves to see kitchen and bath transformations take shape in stone, porcelain, and ceramic. But everyone can agree that a great paint job can be particularly satisfying, especially when the clients pick out a terrific paint palette.

Paint Palette for Coastal Home
This Sherwin Williams palette looks terrific together.

Painting is a Great Way to Refresh a Space

Painting is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to update your home, and our Coastal Home Pros paint crews are the best in the business. We were recently hired to update a beach home just across the bay from Pensacola. After meticulous prep work to create a flawless surface, we got to start the fun stuff. Our clients picked out the perfect coastal palette from Sherwin Williams–simultaneously serene and seriously stylish, this combo is calming and beautiful.

3 Great Paint Colors

Snowbound” is a beautiful crisp white that looks amazing on the interior trim work. “Rainwater” is a pale greenish blue hue that evokes the ocean and foggy coastal skies. And “Balanced Beige” is a great neutral that we used throughout the common areas of the home.

We Especially Love “Rainwashed” in the Master Bedroom

The entire place looks terrific, and we’re happy to say that our customers are thrilled. Our favorite room in the home is definitely the master bedroom.We can’t tell whether it’s the beautiful light reflecting off that calming greenish hue or the great game selection on the nightstand, but something sure makes this room inviting!

Master bedroom painted in a serene grayish blue shade.
Rainwashed from Sherwin Williams makes a beautiful shade for a master bedroom.

Call Coastal Home Pros For All Your Painting Needs!

At Coastal Home Pros, we’ve got the local experience and expertise to turn your home into a stylish retreat. Repairs, renovations, general maintenance, exterior updates, and painting…we can do it all with professionalism and panache! Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Selling a Home

Coastal Home Pros Can Help Make Your Property Shine

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you already know how important it is to clear out unnecessary junk and keep the place sparkling. Your home should present a fresh and clean face to potential buyers–you want them to be able too see themselves in the space. If your decor has too much personality (or too much clutter), they may not be able to visualize how their own style will work in the space. 

Our Handyman Services Can Help You Get Your Property In Tip Top Shape

Even if your home is clean and relatively neutral, you can still take steps to maximize your “sell-ability.” Choosy buyers want to know that your home is well-maintained. Simple things like sticking doors, burnt out light bulbs, missing or non-functional hardware, and dripping faucets can really turn a buyer off. Investing a little time up front to make sure everything is in good repair can save you big money when it’s time to move your home.

Start With Paint

If you’re drawn to assertive and eclectic color palettes and your walls reflect your penchant for bright and bold, you’ve probably been advised to paint by a realtor or a nosy neighbor. But even if your interiors are already relatively neutral, painting can be a great pre-listing move. Chipped trim and dingy walls full of nail holes just don’t inspire the love. And when you’re looking to move real estate fast, you want every buyer to fall in love with your home.

This house may seem charming and appealing, but according to Zillow, you should think twice before choosing yellow paint.

Zillow Paint Analysis Shows Clear Trends

In 2018, Zillow published their Paint Color Analysis with insights from over 135,000 sold home photos. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their sales price analysis showed a sales price premium for homes with cool, neutral paint colors. When it comes to bathrooms, pale grayish blue reigns supreme, while living spaces seem to demand a warm-toned neutrals. A red kitchen is a no-no, as is a brown dining room and a yellow exterior (yellow homes sold for roughly $3,400 less, on average). Perhaps the most surprising paint color insight from Zillow’s study? A black or charcoal gray door can add over $6,000 to the average sales price of a home! 

Call a Pro to Help You Knock Out the To-Do List

To Do List for Home Maintenance
Let Coastal Home Pros help you with your list!

Once you’ve got the paint situation under control, it’s time to think about some other details. Everybody who owns a home has a never-ending to-do list…fix the screen door, change the can light in the vaulted ceiling, replace the running toilet in the upstairs bathroom. When you’re busy with work and family, that list often seems to keep growing and growing! Whatever is on your list, you’ll want to cross everything off before you put your home on the market. Don’t miss your chance to make a great first impression on potential buyers!

Set Your Home Up For Success With Some Professional Help

If you’re thinking of sticking that For Sale sign in your yard, think about calling Coastal Home Pros first. Selling your home can be a process full of headaches and hassles, but we can help shorten that to-do list! We’ve got expert teams that can tackle everything from painting and minor repairs to major construction and renovation. We can help you at every step of the way–from getting your home in showcase condition to addressing any issues that crop up on inspection reports. The real estate market is hot here in the Panhandle and Emerald Coast. If you’re ready to list your home, we’d love to help! Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

Niceville Paint Renovation

We’re in love with this paint-job-turned-renovation!

What started as a relatively simple paint job in Niceville turned into a sweet little renovation–this home looks terrific! The home had dingy and dreary brown walls with a widening crack opening up across the great room ceiling. Coastal Home Pros came in to repair the crack (including addressing the underlying structural issues) and paint everything a nice creamy neutral color.

Our painting crew repaired the ceiling crack and freshened up the great room space with creamy neutral paint.

The new look was so inspiring, the homeowners decided to keep going with the renovation! New luxury vinyl tile and carpet floors + new ceiling fans and bathroom fixtures = a light and bright coastal home that’s ready for summer entertaining and family time! Check out more pictures below!

We added new carpet in the bedrooms to complement the fresh neutral hue.
Master Bathroom Renovation Niceville FL
New bronze fixtures and framed glass sliding door in the master bath.
Neutral kitchen renovation with granite and tile.
New granite counters and travertine tile backsplash make this kitchen really stand out.

Coastal Home Pros Can Handle Any Job–Big or Small

If you’ve got cracks and wall damage, it’s important to make lasting repairs and address any structural issues before adding a fresh coat of paint. Once you get that fresh coat on, you just might decide to take your home “refresh” a little farther! Whatever you need, Coastal Home Pros can handle the job! From bathrooms and kitchens to flooring and decks, we’ve got expert craftsmen ready to help you turn your home dreams into a reality! Give us a call today to get started!

Kitchen Renovation in Pensacola

Modern Materials + Quality Craftsmanship from Coastal Home Pros = Spectacular Kitchen Results!

This kitchen renovation job we just completed in Pensacola really knocks our socks off! Part of a complete home remodel, this kitchen is chock full of fabulous materials and high style. This once-dated home in one of Pensacola’s loveliest neighborhoods is now a showpiece of modern and enduring style!

New cabinets and white subway tile add classic charm
Stainless steel, classic white cabinets, subway tile, and light granite make this kitchen sparkle.

Shades of White and Gray Keep Things Light and Bright

Classic white recessed panel cabinetry pairs beautifully with white subway tile and light granite countertops. Brushed nickel hardware and stainless steel appliances add to the look, keeping it sleek and seamless. With lots of windows and sliding doors, this space benefits from abundant Florida sunshine, which reflects off the light surfaces to flood the entire room. We added a small island to maximize the functionality and flow of the space, which opens up into the great room. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring looks just like hand-scraped pickled oak, but offers enhanced durability, water resistance, and a better price point for the project.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring offers durability, good looks, and a great price point.
The Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring extends throughout the great room space, tying the great room together.

A modern brushed nickel fixture and ceiling fan complete the look for this beautiful space. We know the new homeowners are going to love this kitchen, and we’re extremely proud of our talented contractors and craftsmen who turned this kitchen into a modern beauty!

Want to see more pics from this fabulous project? Stay tuned for the bathroom post coming soon! (Spoiler alert…you won’t believe what we did with an old, unused closet!) In the meantime, check out some other recent projects in our gallery, and give us a call to talk about ways we can help you create your dream home. Whether you just want to update fixtures and make simple changes, or you’re ready for a whole-house renovation, Coastal Home Pros has the local experts to make your dreams a reality!

$100 Ceiling Fan Install

Keep Cool and Stylish with a new Ceiling Fan

Summer’s heat is fast approaching, and they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing! Get ready to handle Florida’s humid subtropical climate with a new ceiling fan. We can install a basic, single-story ceiling fan for $100*, and we can get it done right away. Call us today to book an appointment, and read on for tips on buying and using ceiling fans. 

*Prices will increase for vaulted or double height ceilings.

The Wind Chill Effect

First things first—let’s give you a little insight into just HOW ceiling fans work. Unlike your AC unit, ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room. Instead, they cool the occupants of the room through the evaporative process. When the fan blades rotate, it creates a breeze. When the relatively dry air passes over the skin, it evaporates perspiration and creates a wind chill effect. This is the same effect that makes our neighbors to the north flee south in the winter, but in your home, it’s on a much smaller scale. During the searing heat of summer, the wind chill effect is your friend, making you feel cooler without actually affecting the room temperature.

During the summer, you’ll want the blades to rotate in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction. This will push the cooling breeze down to the occupants. And there’s no need to keep the fan on when the room is empty–save money on your energy bills by flipping the switch when you leave the room!

Size Matters

So how do you know what size fan to install? The bigger the fan blades, the more air your fan will move. From a cooling perspective, it makes sense to go for the largest size fan that will fit in your room. But you want your fan to be properly sized for your space. A fan that is too large will look awkward and disproportional. Design experts recommend the following fan sizes:

Ceiling Fan Sizing Recommendations
Blade Span is the diameter of your fan (blade length x2).

Protect Your Head

In addition to thinking about the blade span of your new fan, it’s important to consider height. If you have 8 foot ceilings, you should look for a low profile or “ceiling hugger” fan. If you’re tall, you probably already know how important it is to avoid low-hanging fixtures. If you’re vertically challenged, don’t forget about visitors–you don’t want tall guests to knock their noggins in your home!

If you have higher ceilings, you may want to consider a downrod to drop the fan down from the ceiling. We recommend the following downrod lengths:

Ceiling Fan Downrod Length Recommendations
Downloads drop your ceiling fan down to the proper height for your room.

Don’t Forget the Great Outdoors!

Ceiling fans are not just indoor fixtures – porches and lanais are terrific places for ceiling fans. In addition to keeping you more comfortable, the breeze generated by a ceiling fan can make it difficult for mosquitos and other pesky bugs to fly. Cool and bug-free? Winner winner chicken dinner!

Ceiling fans can add style and function to porches and outdoor spaces.
This basketweave fan adds a decorative element to an outdoor porch.

These days, there’s a fan for every need and every style. Whether you want sleek and modern, classic and traditional, or something funky and totally eclectic, there’s a fan for you. If you’re planning to install in an exposed porch or outdoor space, make sure you pick a fan that is meant to handle exposure to the elements. You can pick up a great ceiling fan at any big box home improvement store, lighting store, or online.

If you’re ready to add style and cool breezes to your Florida home, give Coastal Home Pros a call to set up an installation appointment. Our Handyman Services contractors can handle any of your home maintenance needs!

Dog-friendly beach homes

4 Ways Coastal Home Pros Can Help You Prepare Your Home For Canine Chaos (Or Repair Pet Damage That Already Exists)

Three cheers (or should we say barks?) for Pensacola Beach, which just made Coastal Living’s updated list of Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Florida! Here at Coastal Home Pros, we know our beaches are some of the best in the state. And since we’re all dog lovers, we know our pets enjoy the beach just as much as we do. But as much as love our four-legged buddies, we also know that they can wreak some serious havoc on a home. Since we’re the home maintenance experts, we thought we should share some tips on making your home tough enough for man’s best friend. If you’ve already had some accidents and minor damage, we’re here for you with our Handyman Services. Need durable and stain-resistant floors? We’ve got you covered. Even if your pooch has done serious damage, our remodeling team can have your home looking new again in a jiffy. Read on!

Dog at Pensacola Beach
Most dogs love the beach, but the sand and moisture they bring home can do a number on your home’s floors and surfaces.

1) First Thing’s First – Let’s Talk Fencing

Fencing is a good idea for homes with dogs.
Good fences make safe dogs.

The number one thing you can do to insure your dog’s safety is to install a quality fence. Keeping your pet safely contained on your property will buy you years of peace of mind. With a fence, you won’t have to worry about cars, predators, or incidents with other dogs. If your dog has anxiety or any signs of aggression, the fence will help them feel more secure within their own domain. Coastal Home Pros has a ton of experience installing fences in Pensacola area and beyond. From chain link to picket to privacy fencing, we’ve done it all. Check out our recent project gallery for some pictures of past projects – this pet fence in Navarre turned out great, as did this privacy fence in Gulf Breeze!

2) Dog-proof the Interior – Our Handyman Services Can Help

The American Humane Society has a great list of ways to make the interior of your home safe for your pets. Number one on the list? Install child-proof latches on cabinets to prevent curious and crafty pups from getting into trouble. You should also look for exposed electrical outlets or other electrical issues that can be a hazard to your dog. You can purchase child safety latches at any hardware store. Although they’re relatively simple to install, it can be time consuming to cover all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. And it’s important to make sure they are installed properly. If you don’t have time to do this task yourself, check out our Handyman Services. We can professionally install the latches for a very reasonable price, and we can also inspect your outlets for missing plates or other issues.

3) Think About Flooring Options

Here in coastal Florida, wood floors take a beating from high moisture levels and tracked-in sand. Add pets into the mix, and your floors can go from beautiful to battered really quickly. If you’re think about adding a dog to your family, or your dog has already ruined your floors, consider ceramic or porcelain tile. Our flooring contractors can help you choose durable, low-maintenance tile flooring that will stand up to anything your pet can dish out.

When it comes to pet messes, tile is man’s best friend!

4) For Major Damage, Call in the Remodeling Pros

They may look cute and innocent as puppies, but dogs can do some serious damage to your home. Even a well-supervised dog can annihilate drywall, wood trim, and doors when they are bored or anxious. We once knew a dog who ate an entire deck off of a house while his owner was at work. (100% true – we saw it ourselves.) If your pup has gotten the best of you and your home, don’t despair. Coastal Home Pros is only a click or a phone call away, and our remodeling team can handle any work you need. From drywall repairs to carpentry work to a brand new deck and more, we can make your home look like new again. And we’ll even bring treats for the dog!

handyman services

Does your home need help? Let Coastal Home Pros help you out with your household SOS

You already know that Coastal Home Pros can handle all types of renovation projects – from floors to roofs and everything in between. If you’ve got a big project, our expert contractors can tackle your job with professionalism and local experience. But did you know that we’re also great at small handyman services? If you’ve got a home emergency or a honey-do list that just not getting done, Coastal Home Pros is here to help!

Coastal Home Pros can install and repair toilets and other plumbing fixtures.
Coastal Home Pros can install an repair toilets and other plumbing fixtures

Our Handyman Services contractors cover anything you can think of, including:

  • Light fixtures – interior and exterior
  • Ceiling fan – any height ceiling
  • Toilets
  • Sinks, faucets, and garbage disposals
Coastal Home Pros installs ceiling fans and other fixtures.
That ceiling fan won’t hang itself – let Coastal Home Pros get the job done!

Let the Experts Help You With the Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Let Coastal Home Pros handle the homeowner hassles so you can spend your free time enjoying this beautiful slice of Florida we call home. Check out our Handyman Services page for more info and an estimated price list. When you’re ready to send out the SOS call, we’re here for you!

Chain Link Fencing

Though Chain Link Fencing Sometimes Gets a Bad Reputation, It Can Be a Great Option For Many Homeowners

Chain link fencing is one of the most commonly seen fencing products in the United States today. From sports fields to industrial parks to residential homes, chain link is an affordable fencing option that gets the job done. Modern chain link manufacturers have made advancements in product quality and durability. Today, chain link is an even more attractive fencing option for some homeowners. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of chain link:


  • Price – Chain link is the most budget-friendly fencing option. The materials are affordable, and installation is relatively easy.  
  • Maintenance – Chain link fencing needs very little maintenance. The galvanized metal does not readily rust, and does not require coating or painting.
  • Safety – Chain link fencing is a relatively easy solution to problems of containing children and pets. It offers high visibility through the fencing material so that caregivers can see what is happening on the other side of the fence.
  • Appearance Options – Standard galvanized chain link fence can be “dressed up” with vinyl cladding. (Common options are green or black.) Other options include “California-style” chain link. In this style, chain link panels are connected to wooden posts, offering a hybrid look that many find appealing. 


  • Appearance – Generic chain link (without vinyl coating or California-style construction) is often viewed as a less attractive fencing option. Because it is used so heavily in industrial settings, some residential neighborhoods may prohibit its use.
  • Residential security – Standard four-foot chain link, which is used in most residential applications, can easily be climbed over.
  • Lack of Privacy – Chain link fence offers clear sight lines through the fencing. If privacy is your goal, chain link is not your best choice.
Chain Link fencing is easy to climb
As any kid who’s hit a ball over a fence knows, climbing chain link is pretty easy!

Despite these concerns, chain link fencing can be the best option for many homeowners. And while it is possible to install chain link on a DIY basis, you’ll get a much longer life from your fence if you have it properly installed by licensed contractors. Coastal Home Pros is very experienced in the local fencing market, and has installed many chain link fences in Florida’s Panhandle and Emerald Coast communities. Give us a call to discuss your fencing options and get a free quote!

Coastal Home Pros is your wood flooring installation expert

Let Coastal Home Pros help you choose a wood floor that works for you

When it comes to flooring, you’ve got a plethora of choices these days. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, tile, or wood flooring, Coastal Home Pros can make sure the ground under your feet performs well, looks great, and fits your budget. 

Wood floors have always been one of the most classic and enduring flooring options for homeowners. From solid wood planks to engineered hardwoods, laminate, vinyl, and wood-look tile, you’ve got lots of options when wood flooring is on your shopping list. Read on for the skinny on all your wood and wood-look options. 


For many customers, solid hardwood is the gold standard when it comes to flooring. Solid hardwood floors have a warmth and beauty that has stood the test of time. The durability and beauty of oak floors have made them a popular choice for over a century. Though oak floors are often associated with traditional homes and architectural styles, they can also work beautifully in more modern settings. Other solid wood flooring options include maple, cherry, walnut, exotic hardwoods, and bamboo.

Love it

The classic beauty of solid hardwood floors never goes out of style. Natural wood has a warmth and softness beneath the foot that simply feels good. And although time and traffic will eventually scratch your floors, solid hardwoods can be sanded and refinished multiple times over their life. Finally, solid hardwood floors are always a great investment when it comes to resale value. 

Things to Consider 

Despite solid wood’s many benefits, there are a few things to consider before choosing this option. First and foremost for many buyers: price. Solid hardwood is one of our most expensive options. If you choose a more exotic species, the price can really climb. The upfront cost will typically pay for itself over the long life of a solid wood floor, but if minimizing your cash out now is a prime concern, you may want to consider laminate or vinyl. 

Here Florida’s Panhandle, wood floors can mean extra maintenance. Water and sand are no friends of wood floors, so if you want a carefree indoor-outdoor lifestyle, solid wood may not be your best choice. Even if you’re not likely to come home from the beach dripping and sandy, think twice before installing solid wood in wet areas such as kitchens and baths. Natural wood swells with water absorption and can warp and rot with frequent exposure to moisture. If you want that warm wood look in your new master bath, consider vinyl or ceramic tile look-a-likes that will perform better in a wet setting. 

When it comes to warmth, touch, and feel underfoot, real wood flooring can't be beat
When it comes to warmth, touch, and feel underfoot, real wood flooring can’t be beat.


The top layer of engineered wood flooring is a thin veneer of pre-finished hardwood. Under that veneer, the flooring is comprised of a high-quality plywood. 

Love it

Plywood is made of layers that run perpendicular to each other, so this plywood core makes engineered hardwoods more dimensionally stable than solid wood. This gives engineered hardwoods a slight edge over solid wood when it comes to handling small amounts of moisture. Like solid hardwoods, engineered wood floors are considered a premium product when it comes to the resale value of your home. 

Things to Consider

Engineered wood flooring’s premium qualities come at a premium price. The cost for a high-quality engineered wood floor will be roughly similar to that of a solid hardwood floor. But unlike solid hardwoods, engineered wood can only be lightly sanded and refinished a limited number of times before the wood veneer disappears. Finally, though engineered wood handles moisture better than solid wood, it is still not your best choice for wet areas.


Many people confuse laminate and engineered wood floors, but the two products are really quite different. Unlike engineered floors, laminate floors do not have a veneer of solid wood. Instead, the top layer is a high-quality image of wood grain fused to a thin fiber-core board. A clear wear layer on top protects the image from scratches and damage. 

Love it

Laminate is a great budget-friendly choice for those who want the wood look without the price tag. Installation is relatively easy, and because laminate is a floating installation (not attached to the sub-floor or underlying surface), individual boards can be replaced if necessary relatively easily. When installed properly, laminate offers a bit more moisture resistance than solid or engineered wood. Laminate also stands up well to scratches and dings.

Things to Consider

Laminate doesn’t offer the same resale value as a real wood floor, nor does it offer the warmth of real wood under your feet. We recommend installing a foam underlayment to make the floor warmer and softer. Laminate cannot be refinished.

Laminate wood flooring is a better choice for kitchens where moisture might be a concern.
Laminate wood flooring may be a better choice for kitchens where spills and moisture might be a concern.


Vinyl Plank—also called Luxury Vinyl Flooring or LVF—is another cost conscious option for wood-look floors that is often confused with laminate. Unlike laminate, vinyl planks are 100% synthetic material (plastic.) LVF comes in a wide variety of embossed textures and patterns that mimic real wood—sometimes quite closely.

Love it

Vinyl is budget-friendly and easy to install. It is soft underfoot, very low maintenance, and completely waterproof. Higher-end LVF products have color-through 

Things to Consider

Saving money upfront can come with a cost later, as vinyl floors won’t help your resale value. Because it is soft, vinyl can tear and may dent under heavy furniture. The synthetic nature of vinyl can make it unappealing for sensitive customers; vinyl does not biodegrade, and it emits gases called VOCs that can cause problems for those with respiratory issues. 


Ceramic and porcelain tile is an increasingly popular choice for those who want the look of wood without the higher cost or increased maintenance of real wood. 

Love it

Tile is a low-maintenance flooring option that is both durable and beautiful. Today’s tile manufacturers are creating options that realistically mimic all types of wood, creating looks that range from sleek and modern to rustic and organic. Tile—especially porcelain options—works great in wet locations and stands up well to foot traffic and pets. Tile is low-maintenance and easy to keep clean, and can be an especially good choice in coastal environments with lots of sand and water. 

Wood-look tile is a great low-maintenance flooring option for those with kids and pets.
Wood-look tile is a great option for households with kids. This low-maintenance option is easy to keep clean and doesn’t harbor allergens and dust.

Things to Consider 

Ceramic tile can be cold and hard under your feet, though that effect can be offset with rugs. Grout lines need to be properly sealed and maintained to avoid stains that are difficult to clean. And although tile is generally a budget-friendly choice, prices can rapidly escalate with higher-end styles.

We’ve Got Wood Flooring Options

Whether you’re modern or traditional, budget conscious or looking to splurge on your forever house, we’ve got options that will give you a beautiful wood floor that goes the distance for your family. At Coastal Home Pros, we know how to handle the humidity, moisture, sand, and salt that accompany our coastal lifestyle. Our flooring experts will help you navigate the choices and install a floor that will work hard and look great today and for years to come. Give us a call today to get started!