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Researching, selecting, and installing your new replacement windows is easy with Coastal Home Pros!

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but when it comes to your house, your windows are a crucial component of your home’s exterior that affects both appearance and functionality. Clean, well-maintained, and well-insulated windows present an inviting appearance and help keep your home comfortable and keep energy bills down. 

If your windows are leaky, drafty, or showing their age, you may want to consider replacing them. Quality replacement windows can lower your bills, make your home safer, protect your furnishings and artwork from UV rays, and increase the value of your property. 

If you’re ready to replace your windows, Coastal Home Pros can help you choose the right options for your home and offer expert installation. Read our guide to get started with the decision process, check out our Pinterest window board for inspiration, and give us a call to schedule an estimate!

What do I need to know about replacement windows? 

It’s important to understand window terminology—starting with the types of windows you might choose for your home. 

Window Types

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most commonly used window style. Both sashes move, allowing for improved ventilation and flexibility. Most double-hung windows offer tilt-in sashes that make them easy to keep clean. 

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows look like double-hung, but only the bottom sash moves. They are a great choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Casement-Style Windows

Designers and architects like to use casement windows in places with a gorgeous view, as they provide unobstructed sight lines. They open outward at a side hinge through the use of a crank. Casement windows are typically more airtight than double-hung windows.

mother and child in front of sunny casement windows
Casement windows offer high visibility without lites or sashes.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are useful when natural light is desired but ventilation is not necessary. These airtight windows often come with decorative glass and design options. 

Awning-Style Windows

Awning-style windows open outward from a hinge at the top. 

Hopper-Style Windows

Hopper windows open from a hinge at the bottom, and they can open either outward or inward. 

Window Frame Types

Vinyl Frame

Vinyl frame windows are the most common replacement windows used today. Basic vinyl windows are very reasonably priced, and they require little to no maintenance. They will never need to be painted or stained—in fact, they normally cannot be painted, so keep that in mind when choosing your windows. Most vinyl windows are white, though some brands do offer a few darker color options.

Wood Frame

Solid wood windows are a beautiful, high-end option that can run up your window budget. Depending on the brand you go with, you’ll have a variety of hardwood finishes to choose from. Typically the manufacturer will cover the exterior in aluminum or vinyl cladding to reduce the maintenance needs and protect the wood from the elements. Cladding is especially important here in coastal Florida, as exposed wood does not fare well without protection!

Composite Frame

Composite window frames can be made from fiberglass or a combination of other materials. Like vinyl, they are low maintenance and do not need to be painted or stained. Also like vinyl, composite windows are generally less expensive than wood. 

Other Window Considerations


Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass sandwiching a layer of air or argon gas. This middle layers helps insulate the window, slowing down the transfer of heat through the panes. Triple-glazed windows have three layers of glass, which adds extra insulation and reduces noise transfer significantly.  

Low-E Coating

You can’t see low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, but they enhance the efficiency of the glass by reflecting heat while letting light in. Your climate will determine the location of the low-e coating for your windows—coating on the outside of the windows helps to reflect heat in warmer climates, while interior coating helps keep heat in the home in colder climates.  

Tilt-In Sashes

The sash is the part of the window that moves up and down in single and double-hung windows. Most modern replacement windows include a tilt-in sash feature, which allows for easy cleaning.

Invest in quality windows and quality installation

If you’re making the investment in new windows, don’t skimp on the installation! It doesn’t make sense to buy double or triple-glazed windows only to lose the insulation and energy efficiency increases to the perils of a sloppy installation! Cracks and gaps created around the window frame during installation can negate any benefits your new windows offer, and even cause leaks and drafts. Coastal Home Pros is your experienced local installer—we’ll make sure your windows perform well and look terrific for decades to come! Give us a call today to schedule an estimate or an installation!